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I'll keep it brief...

My name is Maia Dunphy, and I'm a broadcaster, writer and mum (in reverse order of importance). Initially, I agonised over pursuing a career in wildlife or lowbrow adult comedy, but decided they didn't have to be mutually exclusive (and the latter paid better). After over ten years working behind the camera, I stepped in front of it in 2013, and since then I have written and presented 12 documentaries. I have ghostwritten many books over the years (including Mr Tayto's now legendary autobiography), and my own first book The M Word was released in 2017. Over the last few years, I have branched out into other presenting and writing roles, and have worked with some very funny (and not so funny) people, and great brands along the way. The Covid pandemic (heard of that one?) finally gave me the unwelcome time to get my own website together, so voila! Here you'll find parenting blogs from The M Word years, other columns, and random things that pique my interest. Please feel free to get in touch (unless it's to tell me you think I'm shit - that's what Twitter is for). X

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